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  • Horizontal Leg Press (D4) perfectly trains leg muscles and buttocks. The movement simulates running. Horizontal position minimal strain on your back. Two leg platform provides the opportunity to do the exercise with each leg separately. Adjustable seat provides an opportunity to practice any tall athletes.

    £ 1,125.30
  •  Abdominal exercises to build solid abs.

    £ 338.80
  • Multi hip training is essential in teaching the hip adductors and abductors, the hip flexors and extensors to work co-ordinately so that the body can prevent injuries from daily sports activities.The multi hip station has a design that promotes and establishes balance, co-ordination and strength of the hip muscles. 

    £ 1,615.35
  • Pectoral Fly is a superior strength training machine designed to isolate the pectoral muscles for greater results for the upper body.

    £ 1,615.35
  • Bicep curls performed on selectorized machines are convenient and effective because movements are consistent and repeatable and are unaffected by momentum unlike with free weights.  In the process, users will not find a hard time in training their biceps and increase their mass eventually.

    £ 1,343.10
Showing 133 - 137 of 137 items
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