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Right equipment

Reach your goals with professional tools

Categories / Benches

Olympic Flat Press Bench has design of the classic flat bench press. The Olympic Bench Press features safety catch hooks on uprights and a well-balanced, sturdy base. It can be used for maximum upper-body development of pectorals, shoulders, and triceps.

Price 635,00 € Tax Excl
Categories / Stands & Racks

Power rack ideal for weigth trainers who train alone or without the assistance of a spotter. It provides a secure and enclosed frame within which you can squat and bench press to the maximum, safe in the knowledge that if you can't quite manage the final squat or press, the safety of the frame will save you from injuring yourself, or damaging your property.

Price 800,00 € Tax Excl
Categories / Pagrindinis

The Sissy Squat Bench is the perfect piece of equipment for training thighs, buttocks, back and abdomen. The bench is designed to keep your lower leg vertical while performing a free-standing squat. The adjustable back pad and shin rollers make this bench suitable for all sizes

Price 320,00 € Tax Excl
Categories / Plate loaded gym equipment

Pendulum Squat offers an incredible way to work your legs. Small changes in foot position allows you to target various areas of quads / glutes and hamstrings.

Price 1 180,00 € Tax Excl
Categories / Stands & Racks

Half Rack. The multi-functional, heavy-duty steel frame supports up to 500 kilograms. Designed for the home power and olympic lifter, this half rack maximizes training with multiple grip positions. It also has 2x spotter arms, 2x J Hooks and eight horizontal posts for olympic plate storage.

Price 855,00 € Tax Excl
Categories / Plate loaded gym equipment

Scrum Machine
Piece of kit for safely training correct scrum positioning and technique.
Not only for rugby players – it’s great for improving strength, explosive- ness and muscle mass in the gluteus and quads.

Price 2 520,00 € Tax Excl
Categories / Cable crossover & multistations

The great design as well as the compact trainer will allow you to fully work out muscle groups right at home.

Equipped mirrors allow you to see the exercises performed, adjusted to the angle you want.

The trainer is equipped with holders for all handles and weights, so everything will fit compactly in the closet and keep order around.

Price 3 850,00 € Tax Excl