Frequently asked questions

  1. Does your company deliver manufactured gym equipment to other countries than Lithuania?  Yes, we deliver manufacured gym equipment to all countries belonging to the European Union.
  2. Could I get invoice for my purchase?  Yes, the invoice is issued.
  3. Do you sell trainers with leasing?  No, at present payout by leasing is not possible.
  4. Can you manufacture gym equipment model, which is not in your store's catalogue ?  Yes, please email us - goodgymequip @  us or call +447999512680 for individual order details and issues.
  5. How to make an order for gym equipment in "Good Gym Equipment" online store?  After purchase is taken on e-shop, you need to call +447999512680, and complete order details. It is necessary to pay in advance part of total payment, it depends on the size of your order, (see one question about it below). When money is paid in advance, your order will be immediately taken to register to manufacture. The remaining part of money for purchase must be paid when our purchased gym equipment is delivered.
  6. Is payment in advance depends on my order total price?  According to total price, payment in advance differs:  Up to 10 000 £ - 25% of total price must be paid in advance.  Between 10 000 to 25 000 £ - 40% of total price must be paid in advance.  Between 25 000 to 40 000 £ - 50% of total price must be paid in advance.  Over 40 000 £ - order is finished individually
  7. What is the delivery charge? Delivery cost is calculated individually.