Power rack (B6X)
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Power rack (B6X)
  • Power rack (B6X)
  • Power rack (B6X)

Power rack (B6X)

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800,00 € Tax Excl
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Power rack ideal for weigth trainers who train alone or without the assistance of a spotter. It provides a secure and enclosed frame within which you can squat and bench press to the maximum, safe in the knowledge that if you can't quite manage the final squat or press, the safety of the frame will save you from injuring yourself, or damaging your property.


  • Powder coat finish, choose a colour code when placing an order.
  • Heavy-duty steel Frame.

Equipment measurement:
Height: 232 cm
Width: 126 cm
Lenght: 137 cm
Weight: 130 kg (100x50x3 mm)
Weight: 222 kg (120x80x4 mm)

232 cm
126 cm
137 cm
130- 222 kg