Gym crossover (C2)
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Gym crossover (C2)
  • Gym crossover (C2)
  • Gym crossover (C2)
  • Gym crossover (C2)

Gym crossover (C2)

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1 730,00 € Tax Excl
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This machine offers the very best in multi-dimensional strength training. Smooth, seamless movement with user-defined paths of motion allow for an endless variety of exercises that build strength and power, balance and flexibility.
In order to work different muscles it’s often necessary to swap between free weights and a variety of machines, but the crossover machine targets the entire body.


  • 80 kg weight stack one side, extra weight on the standard weight stack 2 GBP /Kg.
  • Chin up bar / Chin up bar (*2) on request.
  • Adjustable rollers.
  • Powder coat finish, choose a color code when placing an order.

Height: 238 cm (* with standard weight stack)
Width: 92 cm
Lenght: 406 cm
Weight: 271 kg (60x60x2 mm)
Weight: 320 kg (100x50x3 mm)
Weight: 419 kg (120x80x4 mm)

238 cm
92 cm
406 cm
271-419 kg