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  • Adjustable Lying Bench Row adjusts either end for varying row positions. The primary mover for this exercise is your latissimus dorsi, or lats. Your rhomboids work to maintain the contraction in your shoulder blades, and your trapezius, erector spinae, rear deltoids and biceps all help with the lifting motion. Bench row will improve your bench press mark....

    £ 350.90
  • Chest supported rows provide many benefits for your training, biggest one is: It takes stress away off your lower back and legs this way the exercise becomes more of an isolation exercise rather than a compound exercise, allowing you to put more of your energy in the targeted muscle group.

    £ 580.80
  • The Iso Lever Chest Supported T-Bar Row machine improves back strength and builds muscles, especially in the under-utilised rhomboids and middle trapeziums. Independent arm movement provides a natural path of motion and will help you to develop an equal rowing strength in both arms. The seat height and chest pad are adjustable. Multiple hand grips to suit...

    £ 834.90
  • This machine has full size pads making it much more comfortable to use with heavy resistance than the usual this type machines. With adjustable pads, it can be set up to target muscles from all different angles. Wide footplate allows you to hit the muscles in exactly the same way they are stressed during Squats/Dead-lifts etc. Is is great to exercise the...

    £ 399.30
  • Gluts ham developer great for developing strong gluts, low back, ham strings & abs. Adjustable both ways horizontally and vertically. Functionally, it is one of the best hamstring exercises because it trains your hamstring at both joints (knee and hip), this is how your body is designed to work, when you run, jump or squat, hamstrings are challenged...

    £ 484.00
  • The independent arm movement allows for equal strength development. If you want to add size and strength to your back this machine will do so.

    £ 943.80
  • The Seated Row Station is a must have item in a hard core Gym.  It will help you build a huge back and increase overall strength. This is not a good choice for the gym with limited floor space, because this machine is BIG. Perfect choice for the hard core Gym.

    £ 1,149.50
  • The different pulley systems allow great body workouts. Up to 4 individuals can work out simultaneously on our machine. It requires minimal floor space comparing to another multi gyms.

    £ 2,141.70
  • Triceps Pushdown Machine is designed for athletes who want to build huge triceps. With the machine you can focus 100% on your triceps when working out as your back will be pushed against the pad so you get a better balance and a better position. With this machine you will get amazing triceps motion when working out as you will be focusing on the targeted...

    £ 1,149.50
  • Seated row machine is used to develop amazing pulling strength and huge back muscles.  Three different positions of handles for upper and lower back muscle groups.

    £ 1,234.20
  • Lat Pulldown/Low Pulely is great space-saving unit that combines both upper and lower pulley's for a variety of back and arm exercises. Comes complete with lat pulldown bar and low row cable attachment and 80kg weight stack along with adjustable knee pad.

    £ 1,331.00
  • Leg Curl exercise is isolation, strength developing exercise that targets the hamstring muscles. 

    £ 1,125.30
Showing 13 - 24 of 46 items
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