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Plate loaded T bar row with chest plate (L1X)

The Iso Lever Chest Supported T-Bar Row machine improves back strength and builds muscles, especially in the under-utilised rhomboids and middle trapeziums. Independent arm movement provides a natural path of motion and will help you to develop an equal rowing strength in both arms. The seat height and chest pad are adjustable. Multiple hand grips to suit the athletes targeted muscle group.

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£ 834.90 tax incl.

  • 120 x 80 x 4 mm, powder painting


  • Powder coat finish, choose a colour code when placing an order.
  • Multiple handgrips.
  • Adjustable seat pad. 
  • Adjustable chest pad. 
  • Independent arm movement.

Height: 100 cm
Width: 134 cm
Lenght: 225 cm
Weight: 75 kg (100x50x3 mm)
Weight: 127 kg (120x80x4 mm)

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