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Vertical Leg press (D7)

The vertical leg press allows for stance variations to target specific muscle groups more intensely. A narrow stance requires strong use of the quadriceps while a wider stance will put more emphasis on the inner thigh muscles. Vertical leg presses have the potential to also strongly work the glute muscles. 

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£ 1,246.30 tax incl.

  • 100 x 50 x 3 mm, powder painting
  • 120 x 80 x 4 mm, powder painting


  • *120x80x4mm B/S.
  • *2 or 4 x storage for free plates.
  • *3 x Olympic plate load horns.
  • *Adjustable back pad allows changing angle. 
  • *Safety stops.
  • *8 x Liner bearings
  • *4 x quide rods. 
  • *Max weight on the vertical leg press 900kg.
  • *Powder coat finish, choose a colour code when placing an order.

Height: 217 cm
Width: 230 cm
Lenght: 160 cm
Weight: 228 kg (100x50x3 mm)
Weight: 309 kg (120x80x4 mm)

Height 217 cm
Width 230 cm
Length 160 cm
Weight 228-309 kg

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